3 packs installed for length and volume


2 rows of 18" & 22" installed for length and volume


2 packs installed for density (volume)

Length + Pricing

14inch Hair

18inch Hair

22inch Hair

Cost of Maintenance-

Tape-In: $90 per pack every 6-8 weeks

Hand-Tied: $300 every 6-8 weeks


A consultation is necessary prior to your first installation appointment. During your consultation we will assess your goals, color match your extensions, and determine the amount of hair you will need to achieve your desired end result. 

Frequently asked questions

How long will the hair last?

The hair can be used for up to one year with proper home care.

Can I treat the extensions like my real hair?

Yes! You can swim, sweat, curl, wear a bun, etc.

Can I still use my heat tools?

Absolutely! Feel free to keep using your favorite hot tools, keeping in mind the recommended max temperature is 350 degrees.

Will the extensions damage my natural hair.

No. The tape method only starts causing stress on your natural hair if you are not visting the salon for your maintenance every 6-8 weeks.